2-Degrees Low Slope Roof ( Omniseal 430)​

A new alternative for low sloping roofs​


Produced from fiberglass, compressed into 3 mm. thin sheets, mixed with raw asphalt and coated with a special non-flammable liquid solution. The top surface is covered with beautifully coated gravel and is also protected against harmful ultraviolet rays. It is durable, tough, and waterproofed.​


Can be used as a roofing material with a low slope of up to 2 degrees. It is highly resistant to all types of weather, with the ability to prevent water leakage, highly flexible, not easily prone to tear, can be easily installed over any flat surfaces, and is self-adhesive.​


Clean the surface where the self-adhering fiberglass cap sheet (OmniSeal 430) is to be installed. Place the sheets in to the desired position. Peel the sticker under the sheet so that the adhesive sheet touches the surface where the installation is to made. After verifying the integrity of the installation, use a 35-kilogram steel roller to roll over 2-3 times to ensure that the cap sheet (OmniSeal 430) is installed according to the specified standards, and which can be applied to be a variety of waterproofing applications.​

หลังคาโลสโล๊ป ลาดเอียงต่ำ 2 องศา


100 x 1000 cm / roll

Weight: 35 kg / roll

Covers an area of 9 sq.m per roll

ขั้นตอนการติดตั้ง งานหลังคาโลสโล๊ป
ขั้นตอนการติดตั้ง งานหลังคาโลสโล๊ป
หลังคาโลสโล๊ป ลาดเอียงต่ำ 2 องศา

Installation ​Low Slope Roof :​

การติดตั้งโลสโล๊ปรุ่น 2ชั้น อายุการใช้งาน 40ปี
หลังคาโลสโล๊ป  สีน้ำตาลเข้ม ANTIOUE BROWN

หลังคาโลสโล๊ป  สีดำ MIDNIGHT BLACK



Installation steps ​Low Slope Roof :

​Low Slope Roof Installation Procedure​

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