Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​

Produced from fiber sheets, which are strong and not easily torn, and coated with asphalt on both sides. The top side is compressed with fine grit in various colors. There are wide arrays of attractive colors to choose from.​​

บริษัท เจพีพรีเมี่ยมเฮ้าส์ จำกัด คือผู้นำเข้าและจำหน่ายหลังคาชิงเกิ้ลรูฟ ยี่ห้อ TECHNONICOL ในประเทศไทยอย่างเป็นทางการ จึงมั่นใจได้ว่า สินค้าได้มาตราฐานระดับสากล​

COUNTRY AR collection​

The COUNTRY AR (algae resistant) collection of double-layer roofing shingles comprises incredible color solutions that imitate diverse nature’s shades and nuances. Vibrant color blends and expressive shadow lines create a wonderful dimensional visual image.​

Roofing shingles are the construction material for the residential roofing application that is used on roof slopes of 12° or greater. It is the smartest solution for a complex or intricate roof design. Bitumen shingles do not fade; they are resistant to harmful environmental impacts, decay, corrosion, fire damage, and, what is very important, they perform well in extreme temperatures.​

Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​


Size 33.5 x 100 cm. Thickness 2.7 mm.
Weight  32.5 KGS./ Bundle 12.5 กก./sq.m.
Coverage area  2.6 sq.m./bundle​

Special Features of the Shingle Roof​

● Long life span of over 50 years.
● Provides unlimited freedom in creating beautiful designs.
● Lightweight, only 18 kg / sq.m. ( including all meterials )
● Available in various color pigments, attractive, resistant to the sun, rain, and heat.
● Highly durable and flexible, with the ability to be bent or curved according to every roof shape.
● Can withstand wind speeds during violent storms.
● Can be installed on steep or low sloping roofs.
● Resistant to earthquakes, and does not easily fall off.
● Impact resistant, and is not easily damaged from falling objects.
● Excellent sound proofing, less noise during heavy rainfalls.
● Attractive and durable, throughout its lifespan.
● Does not impose too much of a weight burden on the house.
● Helps to reduce cost of structural work.​​

Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​
Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​

Roof color​

Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​ Michigan​


Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​ Louisiana​


Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​ Texas


Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​ Indiana​


Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​ Montana


Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​ Vermount


Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​ Kansas


Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​ Alaska


Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​ Atlanta


Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​ Alabama


Shingle Roofs (Asphalt Roofing)​​ Nevada


NOTE: Actual product colors may vary slightly from the colors shown in the catalogue. If color hue is critical for you, please request full-size samples before making your final choice.​

Installation steps Shingle Roofs​ :​

Clip: Step by step guide for installing the 2nd-level Shingle Roof​​

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